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Ruby Broke my $PATH

May 6, 2012


Yesterday I spent some time getting Ruby up and running on my Mac, with the intent of playing with Octopress.  Today, I wanted to go back to a Grails app I had been working on, when I realized that Grails was no longer in my PATH.  Somehow, my PATH variable had been “hijacked” by the Ruby […]

We aren’t failing fast enough…

March 30, 2012


I am sure many of you have read Jeff Atwoods’ last two blog posts regarding WYSIWIG and visualizing failing faster.  If you haven’t, I definitely recommend reading both, playing with Glimpse, and watching Bret Victor‘s video on Inventing on Principle. Both of Jeff’s posts focus on how you can and should be striving for a […]

Grails Best Practice Resources

October 11, 2011


I have been spending some time learning Groovy and Grails recently.  As a Java developer, I find that they answer many of the problems that currently exist in the Java platform (and the .NET platform as well).  They provide an amazing, and Agile toolkit for developers to get started with. I have also found some […]