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Thoughts on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

March 4, 2011


Last week, I was asked to give my opinion on Application Lifecycle Management or ALM.  Specifically, I was asked how can teams effectively manage their design, development, test and deploy processes as well as pick the right tools for the job.  Here is the answer I gave: The cornerstone of a strong ALM process is based […]

Build Once, Deploy Many

September 9, 2010


I have encountered more than one development team who takes the approach of building their application from source for every environment they plan on deploying to. While this approach works (and depending on the technology, may be necessary), it introduces numerous opportunities for errors and makes debugging a failed deployment increasingly difficult. By migrating to a Build Once, Deploy Many approach, your team can simplify their deployment process, by making it repeatable and easier to debug.

Enforcing Coding Standards

February 10, 2010


While most teams recognize the importance of coding standards, I have witnessed too many development teams who define a set of coding standards, yet do not enforce them.  If you are not enforcing the coding standard, then you have no way of knowing your team’s compliance with the standard and its effectiveness is negated.  In […]