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Why I Love eBooks

February 24, 2011


I’ve recently fallen in love with reading books on my iPad.  When I first bought my iPad, I was nervous about reading a book on it since in general I hate reading on a computer screen.  Plus, my friends rave about the Amazon Kindle and the great reading experience it offers.  Eventually, I decided to […]

Shortcuts to Productivity

November 2, 2010


Earlier this year, I read Neal Ford's book, The Productive Programmer. It is a great book and a short read as well, so I highly recommend it. In this book, Ford talks about ways to make yourself more productive and the book contains a wealth of useful tips. This inspirational text got me thinking how I could increase my own productivity. As a result, I made a few changes; one that has been extremely helpful is expanding my use of keyboard shortcuts, also known as hotkeys.

Justifying Dual Monitors

December 4, 2009


When I asked my management for dual monitors for our development team, I was promptly asked to provide justification for the request.  I hope the research I used for to support my case is helpful to others who may find themselves in the same boat. Numerous studies have proven that providing staff with a multiple […]