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Ruby Broke my $PATH

May 6, 2012


Yesterday I spent some time getting Ruby up and running on my Mac, with the intent of playing with Octopress.  Today, I wanted to go back to a Grails app I had been working on, when I realized that Grails was no longer in my PATH.  Somehow, my PATH variable had been “hijacked” by the Ruby […]

Octopress on OS X

May 5, 2012


I have been wanting to try Octopress for a while, so I decided to spent my Friday night setting it up.  Unfortunately, I ran into a few issues installing and getting my environment setup, and I figured I would share my setup issues with everybody else.  I started with the instructions from the Octopress website. […]

Interactive presentations with impress.js + GitHub Pages

January 16, 2012


Next month, I am giving a follow-up of my Continuous Delivery talk to the Montgomery County Java User’s Group.  In preparing for this talk, I decided that challenge myself by using a presentation tool other than PowerPoint.  In fact, I decided to avoid any desktop variant and try some of the next generation web-based presentation […]