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Writing User Stories

May 4, 2012


A friend recently asked me if I had any advise on how to write user stories.  While I don’t claim to be an expert on writing user stories, I knew enough to guide him.  Here’s what I came up with. Why User Stories? User stories are a terse requirements format that puts emphasis on conversations […]

Exploring Test Method Names

November 10, 2011


When coaching individuals on how to name unit test methods, I have struggled to come up with a standard that I like.  I have read numerous posts and books on the subject with a wide variety of results and standards.  In this blog I will explore the various standards for naming unit test methods and […]

Unit vs. Integration Tests

June 24, 2011


I have been doing more and more testing recently and I wanted to start capturing some of my thoughts on testing.  An important topic is the differences between a unit test and an integration test.  I feel like this is pretty straight forward, but is still worth clarifying, since I feel like it is done […]

Continuous Delivery Presentation at the MC Java User’s Group

June 17, 2011


This past Wednesday night, I gave a presentation to the Montgomery Country Java User’s Group on Continuous Delivery.  I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to speak to a  smart and attentive audience, and I look forward to going back and giving another presentation in the future.  I want to thank Victor Semenov, who organizes the […]